Trick to Motivate your children

Your child's static?, pasif?, of course this makes us as parent to be sad.
But don’t worry, Here are some tricks to motivate or exact motivation tips that we can use to stimulate and motivate children to become more aggressive and creative:

1. wherever you go he/she should beside you, do not leave him alone at home. Because when your children leave home alone, it will make the child more quiet and less motivated to do something.
2. Take children to chat and ask for opinions on things that are around us. Motivated him/her to do / do something related with home activity, such as gardening.
3. Give more time to play and tease us to motivate enthusiasm.
4. Give him/her some toys that can stimulate and motivate her/his brain enthusiasm for movement and activation.

With these four things, hope it will be changes in the pattern of life that your children lazy and pasif, will be changed to be great children who have the motivation to move and be struggle guys.... goodluck...

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