Trick to Motivated children be brave hearth

Parents will certainly annoyed & irritated when the children have a simple / weeping maudlin and coward.
Many things can we do to overcome this, it is easily to convince your child that the things that he did not face frightening / dangerous as he imagined.
example, crying in fear because he is a dark place alone, provide motivation and understanding to our children that the dark place is nothing, and maybe you can say that the devil will be run if meet him/her! :), Provide motivation to your child that he/she and push child to overcome it without fear.
Below a certain point to motivate children to not become a coward:

1. Tell him that he is capable and can overcome a case without fear.
2. increase confidence and to motivate himself with the responsibility to provide a complete problem / work itself.
3. give praise to the child if he can complete the job / problem even with minimal results.
4. make sure that children in this world there is no need to scared, and only God we should fear Him.

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