Situ Gintung Disaster Its Human Error

Jakarta – disaster that resulted situ gintung levee broken-down in Situ Cireundeu, South Jakarta, is due to the negligence of the government mole. Because this is natural can not be called a natural disaster.

"This can not be said of natural disasters because the building was built man, create naturally by earth. So people are in control. If landslide
from the hill may be said of natural disasters," said Chairman liquidation Team of Research and Resources Water Research Center (Puslit) LIPI Geoteknologi Adrin Tohari detikcom when contacted, Friday (28/3/2009) the night.

According Adrin, errors in the range of the government as the party responsible for the condition of the embankment. There are at least 4 government negligence in the natural is not avoided.

First, there is no routine inspection of the embankment from the government that has been worn it. If the inspection is done regularly, ideally 6 months, the government surely have data on the development of the embankment.

"It should if there are data in the Department of Space, they are aware that this age of the levee and through the performance. Therefore, efforts should be made to prevent a disaster," said Adrin.

Second, the government cared less levee that is already old. First base is not a routine inspection carried out so that the government does not understand how to correct and which part should be treated.

"If governments do not have information on the strength of embankment, so it can be a jolt for the government. That human error, but if they know, and not yet in, the government is also a mistake. Whatever the form of lack of error is that we have as the government" said Adrin .
Third, the error lies in the lack of warning to the citizens on the potential levee broken-down. But as a responsible government must provide a warning to the citizens.
Error is located on the fourth violation of the layout is done by the government. Should be the location of the nearest residential building from the location of levee flood plains and 20 meters distance. If observed, the number of victims of the soul is not now.
"In the area there may be minimal embankment settlement. Its must be free residential area, about as far as tens of meters from the embankment. That there is regulation, bantaran area must be free from the settlement," said Adrin.

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