Situ Gintung Disaster

The name of Situ Gintung, levee, which located in banten, Indonesia,
suddenly become the main coverage in almost all the International media. Of course not surprising. Area of more than 5 hectares that are flood-large.

65 People died due to levee failure Situ Gintung, Friday (27/3/2009) pukul 02.00 WIB. The estimated amount of future increases is still considering many people are missing.

Before this event, the island that is located in the Village Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang, is known as one of the major tourist, outbound, and the party. Every holiday, the location of the Lake is surrounded Situ Gintung this plateau always Jakarta residents who want to release the dead.

Location is not too far from the city center, this location makes a lot of elected offices for the gathering. You can even just come to exercise such as swimming and tennis in the place where the landscape is no less of the area Puncak, Bogor, West Java is.

Because of the beautiful scenery, some production houses also often use this area to syuting video clips, ads or sinetron. So do not wonder if you to this place, often meet artists.

Cost of entry to the island Situ Gintung also relatively inexpensive. Adults are only one thousand Rp 4 entry. Meanwhile, for children that is cheaper thousand Rp 2. If you want camping is also not expensive, live pay Rp 7500, you can enjoy a romantic evening in the area.

You also do not need to grope in the pocket too if you want to invite friends stayed at this location. With Rp 150 thousand per night, you and your colleagues can stay in Situ Gintung homeless

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