Tricks to Motivate Our children to be Diligent

Sad because your child to decrease motivation to learn?
Here are some trick to motivate your child to improve and up he/her learn motivation:

1. Since the early show with him that teachers and parents would appreciate the works of other people, love learning, and fun to read books. Usually, children imitate the behavior of teachers and parents like that.
2. Read the story with an interesting development of the appropriate level of children. Take your child will be interest and try to read by him/her self,
3. By providing a game since early instructive, to stimulate the development of reasoning, attitudes, motor skills, and creativity.
4. With a reasonable compliment to each child's work. Giving a compliment (especially with the award).

That’s all the best trick to motivate our child that I have…
Okey we as parent can try this trick and tips, hope it will work!!

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